Rotary Cutter with FREE Titanium Spare Blade – 45mm

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Rotary Cutter with FREE Titanium Spare Blade – 45mm

How Long does a rotary cutter blade last?

The average lasting time depends on the amount of sewing material you would be using.  One single blade should be able to cut 100m to 200m (possibly 300m) of single-layer denim.  However, it is vitally important that you are using a quality cutting mat.  Your blades will blunt in no time at all. 

  • Rotary Cutter with FREE SPARE BLADE – Lasts 3x LONGER than steel Blades – Very Long lasting. Our Rotary Fabric Cutter already includes one TITANIUM blade AND we have thrown in another spare TITANIUM blade for FREE. Our Care for can use any standard 45mm Blade, including Olfa & Fiskars Blades. The product includes quality rotary cutter blades. Consider a brand, Driffy Quilting Accessories, sewing accessories and craft supplies.
  • MULTI-LAYER CUTTING of Card / Fabric / Paper / Leather / Felt of up to about 5mm at once. Just use any ruler as a guide, a suitable Cutting mat and cut with ease. This makes our cutter easy to use. Can be used to cut: Paper, Fabric, Cloth, Paper, Card, Leather, Quilting, Scrap-booking, Arts & Craft goodies.
  • SUITABLE for users with ARTHRITIS as our cutter takes minimal effort to cut. Includes a Secure-trigger Care for; just squeeze and cut. Suitable for Left and Right-handed users. Secure-lock keeps trigger down and blade open.
  • ULTRA SHARP TITANIUM coated SKS-7 tungsten steel blades, goes well with One of the best Rotary cutters around.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – No questions asked. We stand by our products. If you feel that our product is not up to standard, please return for a full refund. “Driffy” is a Trademark TM go with a registered brand. We offer a standard 12 MONTH GUARANTEE on the Care for. DRIFFY is a UK company, so you know there is a hassle-free service.

     Our Cutter is durable, robust and very long-lasting. The good gripping position makes our product very SAFE to use, with no slipping when pressing too hard.  This can ensure absolute accuracy when cutting.
     Our blades are made of high-strength Titanium-coated steel, designed to last months on end.  Take a look at our blade selection.
     A useful tool for cutting straight with any ruler, quilting ruler or edging.

    ★★★ SUITABLE for users with ARTHRITIS as our cutter takes minimal effort to cut. ★★★

    How sharp is the blade?
    Be WARNED, very sharp! The pressure needed – or applied – is minimal with the intention to cut through: Paper, Fabric, Cloth, Paper, Card, Leather, Quilting, Scrap-booking, and all types of arts and craft type goods. Excellent Fabric Cutter

    ★ (designed to minimize physical effort and discomfort, and hence maximize efficiency) Anti-slip Care for Comfort & Safety

    ★ folds away nicely and safely when trigger Care for is released. Once the safety locking button is set, the trigger Care for cannot be used.

    ★ cutting mat is recommended to preserve the life of the blade. Furthermore, a metal ruler or quilting ruler would be a good option for straight lines.

    ★ the pressure needed for the right cut takes a little getting used to. Try a couple of times, you are going to get used to the applied pressure. Please contact us if you want any help.

    What you get:
    1x Driffy Rotary Cutter Care for with 1x blade already attached.
    1x Driffy Spare Blade

    Driffy craft supplies


    Customer Feedback

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    Hello, I have received and tested my rotary cutter and am pleased with the results.

    Thank you,

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    Yes I have received the above item thank you

    I find it easier to use the cutter instead of scissors you cut a more even line

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    Have now used it and found it extremely efficient and easy to use.
    Good purchase.
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