1. This should be all the parts in the Driffy Pack


2.  Take off the yellow washer (the one with the X) and use the spring washer only(green tick)


3.  These are the remaining parts you should use.



Take the black round shaft as above and place just like in the picture.


Place the Driffy blade, again, like in the picture with the pink arrow



A close up of how it should be.


Take the cutter and place this on the shaft, or with the shaft is facing upwards, feed it through the hole on the cutter.  You do this so you keep your hands free of the blade.


Take the little U-SHAPED spring washer next, and place it onto the shaft with the wings of the washer facing upwards.  So like the letter "U" place the base of the "U" over the shaft.


Then you need to place the nut on.  This only goes one way.  The bigger hole of the nut faces down towards the shaft.  I.E> the smaller hole faces outwards.


Tighten the nut until it just touches the spring washer.  Then turn a little more.  The spring washer forces itself back on the nut, which will lock itself in place.  The nut should neither be too tight or too loose.  Test this for yourself.

Please contact us should you need any further help.

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