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Everybody knows that a website is necessary and some like to think of it as a necessary evil.

Your website is your shop window

If you were a business many years ago, you didn’t have the luxury of the internet to get your business known.  You either had to rely on advertising in magazines, newspapers or feet passing your front door.  The most important part of a successful business, was around how your shop or business shop window was presented.  Bad presentation could really hurt; it simply says “I don’t care”

In the modern world, your website has moulded all these old methods into one.  The world is now full of modern thinkers and it is a common fact that your business is judged on the effort you put into your website.

The way it is presented, noticed in the rankings, the speed of delivery (speed of the site) says a lot about what and who you are as a business.

Are you making your mark?

Where do you rank?

How much business have you lost through the following:

  • Poor website design, layout and strategy.
  • Site being too slow because of cheap hosting – anything under £15 or $20 is considered inadequate.  Search engines penalise slow sites!
  • Poor ranking on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo
  • Not enough links to your site

What we do

Website design and in particular WordPress themes with all the necessary attachments that go with it.

Once you are involved in your website, you suddenly realise that they require maintenance and dedication, amongst others. Designing a site is the easy part.  It is safe to say that can be done in a day!  Have you thought about content?  We have!

Have you thought about how many links are out in the web coming back to you?  We have!

Have you thought about your SEO and where you rank? We certainly have.

Have you thought about people with slow internet connection and CDN? We have!

Let us take the challenge off your “plate” so you can get on with the main priorities of running your business.

We design wordpress websites, which makes it easier for our clients to take control of their data.  Of course, with a CMS (wordpress site) the option of being more stand-alone is a must.