One of the fundamentals of high site rankings on any search engine is backlinks or links to your site from other reputable sites.
It is of utmost importance that the links that you have linking back to your site is of a decent pagerank of 3 or more.

No line in the water? No fish to Fry!

You need to think of links as fishing bait out on the internet or perhaps as lines in the water.  The more lines you have in the water, the more fish you catch!  Now this is partly true, as you might have your fishing line in a dam, lake or river that has toxic chemicals – the point is there will be no fish.  Many sites are “toxic”  so be careful where you fish.

Your link on another website has a chance of being clicked, of course that is a hit for your site.  Google search engines work in pretty much in the same vane.  How does the google spider know about you without links?

It might know about your front page; but you cant rank for just one page.  You need to have exposure to all of your pages on your website.

Paid Links

Firstly is must be mentioned that any search engine like google or Bing do not take kindly to any paid links linking to your site.
So don’t think you can pay somebody a “fiver” and have a link placed on their site in return. This will result in a heavy penalty – possibly even a delisting altogether.

Our linking methods

Our methods are simple, white hat methods. We don’t place any links any where on the internet, you do it! What we do is give you top ranking sites in your industry and you either write to the websites concerned or, if permissible, place the link on their website yourself.

Some facts

  • There are over 5 billion searches each day on the internet
  • 93% of people browsing the internet will start by using a major search engine to find what they are looking for.
  • Paid ads are generally ignored to the tune of 80% – It is very obvious that browsers use organic methods of searching.  organic means the results that google, bing or yahoo produce in a list on the front page.
  • 75% of users do not scroll past page one!
  • The top three search results get more than half of all traffic – People are generally lazy and impatient, they hope the top 3 results will bring them what they looking for.

What we do and some facts

  • We use only the highest quality back links
  • Just a reminder: a back link is any link to your website from another website
  • The number and the quality of back links to your site is the crucial and constantly the number one ranking factor.
  • We research your site
  • Study your competitors
  • Explore niche opportunities
  • Find relevant link building sources
  • We use social media like Facebook, Google+, Twitter & more
  • We give you links to news sources
  • We give you Blogs to place your links on
  • We give you Local citation information – how you rank in your local arena
  • We identify your keywords for anchor text.  This is to make your links look natural and organic.
  • We use specialised software to track your website rankings
  • We also use specialised software to analyse your backlinks – How to get rid of the bad links and keep the good.
  • It goes without saying that it has proved many times that higher ranked sites have a distinct advantage of their competitors.


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